We aim to create, enhance, and develop individuals and organizational capacity among African leaders

  • Our training effects are long lasting bridging the cap between theory and practice in your professional career!

About Us

Learnway Africa is poised to deliver executive learning and development courses to our partners for capacity building and organizational development.  At Learnway Africa, we… MORE

Our Vision

To be among the top 10 capacity building and development organizations in the next 20 years, partnering with other African countries to develop capable and quality leaders for the African Continent.



Our mission

Ensuring that people attending our training programs learn valuable knowledge and skills in ways that enhance learning, retention, and application.


Our Products/Services

Open Seminars and Trainings: Our products are designed for small, medium and large sized organizations willing to optimize their performance and that of their employees.
We offer the best customer service delivery that recognizes clients personality.

Our Philosophy

We are intentional about developing leaders because “At its best, leadership development is not an ‘event’, it’s a capacity-building endeavor. It’s a process of human growth and development.” ― Linda Fisher Thornton

What Our Clients are Saying!

The training was informative, on point, point of emphasis and training perspective well delivered

Olabimpe Rachael

I would love to have this trainings again, it was a wonderful experience

Matthew Akogwu

I enjoyed the training and I learnt a lot from it. I will gladly recommend Learnway Africa

Ameh Dee

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